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My Richard III Period

February 1, 2014

Now is the winter of our vent and cement.  The apprentices think my descriptions are indelicate but as I see it, we are now installing the intestines of Bread Furst. At the top of the interior up above near the beams, the shiny venting for air-conditioning and heating is being hung. You’ll not see those […]

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O Napa Valley

January 22, 2014

I was to have spent this week presenting at the Worlds of Healthy Flavors, a conference held annually by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America.  I have been going to it for years and years, always to bake whole grain breads and talk about making whole grains more genuinely […]

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Off and Trudging

January 19, 2014

Our building permit was issued just after the new year began and we launched as quickly as we could into the first job, installation of water lines in the trenches we had dug in the concrete floor while we waited for the permit. We were able as well to construct the rubberized barrier that will […]

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Balls in the Air

December 8, 2013

By writing these little essays, I am trying to keep you informed of our progress in this process of opening Bread Furst.  But it’s a bit much to ask that you keep up as it’s hard for me, working on this all the time, every day, to juggle all the balls in the air.  So […]

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November 19, 2013

We chose a general contracting company a couple of weeks ago. The process took more time that I had expected. Our architect, Peter Hapstak and his associates had candidates in mind and my friends, Ashok Bajaj, Washington’s premier restaurateur, and Saied Azali, the city’s senior restaurateur, had some suggestions too. We asked five firms to […]

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