My Richard III Period

February 1, 2014

Now is the winter of our vent and cement.  The apprentices think my descriptions are indelicate but as I see it, we are now installing the intestines of Bread Furst.


At the top of the interior up above near the beams, the shiny venting for air-conditioning and heating is being hung.

Image 3

You’ll not see those ducts later as they will be hidden by a ceiling built just below them.

Down below, four three-inch conduits have been put into huge ditches dug in the concrete flooring.  They will contain 800 amps of electricity as we quadruple the power formerly in the building.

Image 2

If I had found a building that had been previously a restaurant, we wouldn’t have to make all these costly additions; they would have been made by a previous tenant.   But this building was a real estate office and before that a plumbing showroom.   Neither use required a lot of electricity, plumbing and venting.

The construction now underway isn’t dramatic.   Well that’s wrong!  It’s often quite dramatic.


What I mean to say is that later it won’t visible to you.  You’ll notice the décor and I will write about that in another letter.  But what we are doing now takes more time than any other stage of our construction and is far more costly than what will come later.

So I am confident that the winter of our vent and cement will bring forth a glorious summer for us and for you, our customers.

  1. Pat McAuliffe says:

    Thanks Mark for the pics and construction update. Even though I am a hygienist in Dr Madden’s office across the street, I am also an urban planner junkie. I will appreciate all that is being done, even the part I cannot see at the finish. Pat

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