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Logo Again

December 14, 2013

Fifteen months ago I left you in the middle of a story.  I asked for your advice and then forgot to tell you that I took it. You may recall – if you were reading these essays then – that two years ago, when I thought I had found a location for Bread Furst, I […]

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Loco over Logo

October 8, 2013

I am having a crisis of nostalgia as we discuss a logo for Bread Furst. Help us, please. When early in 1990 I decided to open Marvelous Market I stumbled upon a graphic artist to whom I confessed my favorite food code words – traditional, simple, rooted; and he produced the sparse logo of a […]

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Kicking Off

September 22, 2013

We held our opening meeting, the beginning of Bread Furst. Everyone called it “our kickoff.“ I didn’t because I dislike sports metaphors. We spent nearly two hours in the building, 4434 Connecticut Avenue, that in about six months will be our store, walking around and exploring, talking, raising questions, and making tentative decisions. Jack Revelle […]

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