Forgive us, Marlene

March 9, 2014


            I read the Forest Hills Connection of course and for weeks have been anxious about the arrival of this moment.

We are going to interfere this week with the sidewalk on the west side of Connecticut Avenue just in front of Bread Furst.  I hope I won’t be admonished too much by Marlene Berlin, guardian of the sidewalks.

I know, Marlene, that the sidewalk on the east side is closed and will be closed for a long time.  I know that pedestrians have to use the west sidewalk.  (Our good fortune.)

I promise that if we had a choice, we wouldn’t interfere with that traffic on our side for one moment.  We love the sidewalk and, with the permission of the neighborhood, will put a nice café on it in due course.  But this week we are going make things a little difficult by digging it up.

We will try to do it discreetly and keep parts of it open as we dig.   .

Image            This is why we’re doing it:  Our storefront, 4434 Connecticut, is, as everyone knows, an old building that was used as a plumbing showroom and more recently a real estate office.  Its electrical capacity has been limited to 200 amps, modest for a commercial building.  Our requirements with all our equipment and lighting, on the other hand, are 800 amps, heavy for even a commercial building.

We have completed the inside installation of three thick new electric cables to join the one that comes from under the sidewalk in front of our building.  Now, with Pepco’s authorization,  those three cables must be carried out under the sidewalk and connected to the Pepco lines there.


That is what we will be doing this week, digging up the sidewalk, burying those cables and then closing the sidewalk.

We will be a nuisance for as short a time as we can.  I promise.

  1. Richman Phyllis says:



  2. Marchesa says:

    You have already been a better neighbor than any other business in that block. You keep us posted on developments. If you are still taking wish list suggestions about your menu, how about something like these “popped tarts?”

  3. Lee says:

    Looking forward to your opening! It will be a lovely addition to the neighborhood. I do hope, however, that when you work on the sidewalk, you’ll create a distinct pathway for pedestrians (preferably without sending us into the street). That spot is already a bit dodgy with cars turning into the car wash and the Burger King driveway. Thanks for the updates and for your consideration.

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